How to Build your WordPress website without a theme

Wow it's exciting to see all those people building full sites with StylePress!
Please remember StylePress is currently beta 🙂 

  • Design your Header & Footer Style directly in Elementor.
  • Have it Display & Update on all of your pages.
  • Supports Multiple Style Templates.
  • No coding knowledge required, perfect for designers.
  • Free Download

Use Elementor to Build your Design

We have created StylePress to enable anyone to build their website header & footer design using Elementors awesome page builder.

Until now you could only edit page content, and as a designer I needed to also build the outside template myself.  Using our StylePress Plugin you can now build your designs live, set it as a global template and it will appear on every page of your website.   All without needing to touch any code!

Included Elementor Widgets

We have bundled up some of our best custom components and included them for FREE as part of the StylePress system.

  • Styled Google Maps
  • Insert Page
  • Page Slider
  • Mailchimp Signup
  • Post Slider
  • WooCommerce Product Slider
  • Blog Post Output
  • Single Image Lightbox

StylePress is a FREE WordPress Plugin

Build Faster. Easier. Smarter.

StylePress Features

Live Drag & Drop Editor

See your edits live on the page, no saving needed to preview your work.

Supports Multiple Style Templates

Have different designs on your pages, eg. Large header on Home Page, Narrow header on inner pages.

No Coding Knowledge Required

All the editing is visual, drag on your columns, images, widgets and style them using easy controls.

Easy to Use

Elementor is a clean, easy to follow system. Get your design from Photoshop to the web faster than ever.

Pre-built Style Layouts to get you started

We have created some basic wire-frame layouts to get your design built faster. Pick one close to what you need and add your colours, fonts and logo.

Import & Export

Import WordPress themes and styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elementor?

Elementor is our choice of WordPress page builder.  It allows you to build your website content using simple drag on tools.  The only thing it doesn't do is let you build the outside header/menu/footer part of your website.... This is where we come in.  You can read more about this editor on their website here.

Who is StylePress For?

Designers who would like to build their own WordPress website designs. Developers who want to build WordPress websites quickly. Business Owners wanting to build their website for free, having complete control over the process.

How much does StylePress Cost?

It's FREE FREE FREE!  Any on going costs? Nope!  We will be offering some more detailed Style Layout templates for optional purchase, the best part? You can choose how much you want to pay for a Style.  This will help support this project and keep development going well into the future.

Can I create themes with the StylePress plugin?

Almost, we are working on a theme exporter.  You will soon be able to build your theme in StylePress and then package it up into an installable WordPress Theme to use or sell.

Is StylePress hard to use?

No, we use the familiar WordPress admin and the Live Elementor drag & drop editor. We have also created some basic wire-frame layouts to get your design built faster. Pick one close to what you need and add your colours, fonts and logo.  Some basic WordPress knowledge is recommended. 

How do I install the StylePress Plugin?

You simply download the StylePress plugin here, upload it to your website and run the auto installer wizard.

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