How to create a StylePress site

This is a quick rundown on how to create a basic site with StylePress:

  1. Install a compatible WordPress theme on your site
  2. Install the free Elementor plugin
  3. (optional) Purchase and install Elementor Pro to get more features
  4. Install the free StylePress for Elementor plugin
  5. Go to the StylePress > Styles menu in the WordPress admin area
  6. Click the “Create New Style” button and choose your style name (e.g. “My Style”)
  7. Click on the new “My Style” item to launch the Elementor editor
  8. Start designing your new site layout:
    1. Add a “Navigation Bar” at the top of the page
    2. Add an “Inner Content” section in the middle
    3. Add a section for your footer at the bottom
  9. Apply your style to your entire site:
    1. Go to StylePress > Settings
    2. Choose which style should appear on which page
    3. Save your settings
    4. (It’s best to have two browser windows open, test the styles/settings until you find one that suits your needs)

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